Busy Status in English

15 Busy Status in English for WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook

New Alone Angry Art Attitude Birthday Breakup Brothers Busy Cheat Crush Cry Cute Devotional Emotional Exam Faith Festivals Flirty Friends Funny Good Morning Guru Purnima Gym Happiness Heart Touching Hurt Husband Independence Day International Friendship Day Life Love Miss U Motivational Music National Sisters Day Naughty Pain Rain Sad School Selfie Selfish Short Single Sisters Sorry Technology Thanks Unique

There Is No One Busy In This World, It’s Always About Priorities..

Never Get So Busy Making A Living That You Forget To Make Life..

You Can Really Only Enjoy Life When You’re Extremely Busy.

Success Usually Comes To Those Who Are Too Busy To Be Looking For It.

Busy Is A Drug That Lot Of People Are Addicted To

I wanted to figure out why I was so busy, but I couldn't find the time to do it.

Being busy and being productive are 2 different things.

I am too busy to have a girlfriend.

Just coz i am busy does not mean i don't love you.

"It`s so easy to lose a diamond while you`re busy collecting stones"

I may be busy, but I will always be available for you, because I love you.

Nobody is too busy, its just a matter of priorities.